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Waters your plants while you’re away for weeks


Gardeners who travel will love these
Clayola is the best plant sitter you could ask for
— Martha Stewart
Proven low-tech method of conserving water


Clayola is the most natural way to deliver water to a plant - made from clay; a natural porous material that allows water to seep from the Clayola to the soil. As water evaporates from a plant's leaves it draws water from the soil and as the soil dries up water is drawn from the Clayola. In Effect the plant extracts the water it needs from each clay pot. After a while a plant's root system will find the source of water and literally hug the Clayola. The glazed top prevents water from evaporating into the air and the tapered shape allows the Clayola to be pushed into the soil like a bullet. The shape also creates a water distribution profile that minimizes loss of water to the bottom of the planting pot and maximizes delivery to the roots. Using Clayola a 20-liter water container can water 6 plants for up to 1 month


Handmade by nice people

Almost entirely handmade in Egypt, we work closely with artisan pottery makers who have been hand turning and glazing terracotta for dozens of generations. We rely on artisanal old world craftsmanship to perfect oven curing and create beautiful reliable products that achieve exact porosity and structural strength that makes Clayola work really well. We use local, lead free material for glazing which is the reason why Clayola comes in those two signature colors (light blue and pink) as they're the most beautiful of all the glazing material available locally that adheres to our safety and sustainability standards. We demand higher than market quality and we pay our craftsmen fair and above market-average prices. packaging is designed by Clayola and executed by a capable local manufacturer. Our attention to details and persistent pursuit of quality and price efficiency can be clearly identified in our product.