Can I set up my plants with more than 6 Clayola pots

You can connect as many Clayolas as you want, but you’ll need to make sure your water reservoir can sustain them. 6-8 plants connected to a 20 liter water container will last up to 1 month

Does the water container need to be higher than the plants

As long as the water level is higher than every Clayola the water will flow. We recommend you raise your container a good 20cm above your Clayola levels.

Can I use water from the AC

Not only you can, we actually recommend it. Your AC can produce up to 30 liters of clean distilled water a day! instead of that water dripping away into the street, you can re-route it to your Clayola water reservoir system and not worry about filling it ever again during hot summer days

Can I add fertilizer to my water container

It is preferable not to add fertilizer to the water basin as this will clog up the pores of the Clayola